Narges Natalie Career

Founded in 2015 by Narges Natalie Riahi, XEST is a luxury brand creating unique and practical products. Influential, innovative and progressive, XEST is reinventing fashion using a novel approach under the vision of creative designer Narges Natalie Riahi, we are redefining the future of luxury. Natalie Narges Riahi was born in Shiraz at August 1980 and grew up in an artistic family. She was encouraged by her father who was a famous musician to follow art.

Natalie started studying art since high school with learning painting and miniature under supervision of a famous art master Ali Tajvidi. After high school she entered medical college but after 4 years studying medicine she didn’t find it satisfying her desires. She then withdrew from medicine to study in the field of art which was her interest and transferred to India where she studied for 3 years fashion and cloth designing. Being highly successful in this field she acquired the first place in the fashion design competition in south India.

After 3 years studying art in India, she decided to immigrate to Australia to improve her skills and update her Knowledge in fashion industry. After moving to Sydney, Australia she decided to continue studying fashion design at Australian’s top fashion school, TAFE Ultimo. After years of experience in Australia, India and Iran, Natalie came up with innovative idea of mixing leather and traditional kilim to create leather bags and purses. Her designs are inspired by Persian ancient culture. The products are being manufactured by Aras Leather.

Located in Tehran, Aras Leather has been producing leather products for over 30 years. Their extensive experienced in the industry and ability to deliver such a unique product has been the reason we continue to work with them