Australian luxury fashion

XEST is an Australian luxury fashion clothing brand. XEST was founded in 2015 by Narges Natalie Riahi . XEST operates worldwide as of September 2016 . Our products are made of the best leather material and antique Iranian kilim.

It is endeavored to use organic and unprocessed materials such as natural leather and wool in production of garments, bags and accessories.

Handmade kilim is used to decorate the bags and accessories and in result all products are unique in design and texture. Therefor there is no two handbags with similar design and you buy a unique good which is the only one of its kind. Some of These products are entirely handmade and the others are manufactured by the help of machines.


Handmade kilim

Modern kilims are popular floor-coverings in Western households.Kilims can be purely decorative or can function as rugs..

Narges xest

Xest Fashion Clothing

Founded in 2015 by Narges Natalie Riahi, XEST is a luxury brand creating unique and practical products..


Xest 100% Leather

Iranian's leather three hundred years of history. Leather continue be precious commodity in modern world..

Our Styles

Iran clothing


Using only the highest quality materials to ensure maximum reliability, durability for years



Best luxury purse leather affordable price and unique Kilim pattern with combination of colours.

Xest Luxury Women

Modern and Stylish

Perfect for modern women be used in parties and social gatherings .